Power- and Highvoltage Resistors

Power Resistors in Wire- or Thick Film Technology.
Different shapes and substrate materials can be used. In our wide range there are many application specific Power Resistors.
Power Resistors are used in power generation, traffic engineering, drive technology as well as measurement- and control engineering.


High Voltage Resitsors in various designs. The right decision for demanding usage. Continuous developments of Thick-Film technolgy
makes it possible to apply Resistors in different power ranges, shapes and high accuracy on various substrate materials.
Applications are in measurement and test engineering power- and high voltage technology, medical technology, electrostatic, automotive and traffic engineering.

 High voltage resistors
 Power resesistors
 Impulse resistors
 High voltage resistors Power resesistors Impulse resistors

Voltage dividers


with Housing

 Voltage dividers  Resistor-Networks  Powerresistor with Housing

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